TPE Yoga Mats

Thickness:6 mm (Beginner)
1.TPE material cannot be used for exercising Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga), cannot be used at temperature over 38°C(100.4°F)

2. TPE Yoga Mats cannot be washed by the washing machine or brush

3. The maintenance method, scrubbing with a damp cloth, gently wipe and then expand it and air-dry, yoga mats will be dry after 1-2 days, pay attention, avoiding sun exposure

4. Storage method: TPE yoga mats need to collect by rolling up or tiling, cannot be fold, and also cannot be squeezed for a long time, but if it is squeezed in the normal use, the yoga mat itself will recover automatically

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the product to arrive.

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